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How to apply for VSI Dealership?
Thank you for your interest in applying for VSI Dealership!
Follow the steps below to apply:
1. Prepare the required info:
    1.1 Federal Tax ID#
    1.2 Resale Permit#
    1.3 CA Resale Permit#
        (For CA dealers or the dealers to do the drop shipment to their CA customers)
    1.4 Bank Reference
    1.5 Business Trade References: (2-3 references are preferred.)
2. VSI Dealer Application Form
    2.1 Click to download the “VSI Dealer Application Form” (available in both Word and PDF)
    2.2 Fill out and sign the “VSI Dealer Application Form”
3. W-9 Form
    3.1 Click here to download the W-9 Form
    3.2 Fill out and sign the W-9 Form
4. Submit Application
    Option 1: Email the completed “VSI Dealer Application Form” and W-9 Form to sales@viewsolutionsinc.com
    Option 2: Fax the completed “VSI Dealer Application Form” and W-9 Form to 909-946-1811
  It will take 1-3 business day(s) to process your application. After approval, we will notify you via email or fax.
  If you have any question, please contact us via email sales@viewsolutionsinc.com or call 909-946-1858.
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